Weekly Tournaments


3 rounds

Time control is Game/30; d5

Cash prizes based on number of entries. At least 50% of all entry fees are distributed as prizes.

$10 registration fee in advance; $20 fee at the door.

(PayPal adds $1 for each registration.)

Tournaments limited to 20 players.

Current USCF-members only.  Our tournaments usually have about ¼ adults and ¾ youth.

The tournament is located at

Piada Italian Street Food; 1930 Highway 6, Sugar Land

Tournament begins at 6:30; please arrive by 6:15 to check in.

Support Piada by buying dinner. We are grateful that they let us meet at their restaurant.

You must notate your game. Bring scoresheets and something to write with to record your game. If you don’t know how to record your moves yet, contact us in advance.

When you register, please send another note to let me know who is being registered and the USCF ID number.

Sep 15,  6:30 PM

Sep 22,  6:30 PM