What to Play Against d4  - part 2

Level 12


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating

1000 -1700

Number of lessons: 6

Topic Purpose

Part 1 of this series introduced us to the basic setup and examples to prepare to play the Stonewall Defense. Now that you’ve been playing it and become comfortable, this series investigates deeper themes. And each lesson also includes an endgame study to enable members to outplay opponents and  to win at endgames. 

Learning objectives

  • How to play when White plays the 7. b3 variation
  • How to play when White plays the 7. Bf4 variation
  • How to play to other less used variations for White’s 7th move
  • How to play when White plays the 5. Nh3 variation
  • How to play against other 2nd moves for White
  • How to play against the Staunton Gambit
  • Live practice
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