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Intermediate, Advanced

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Topic Purpose

This series presents higher level concepts specifically designed to improve how one competes in tournaments.

Also, the thing I hate THE MOST in chess games is losing a game in the ending that I should win. Advanced FBCC classes include endgame studies so that its members excel at winning endgames. Our players are better prepared for endgames than just about anyone else and often win games in the ending that other players lose.

Lessons: (each lesson is 1 hour)

     Lesson 1 learning objectives

  • Teaches how to analyze a chess game differently than a chess problem.
  • Teaches how to play Real Chess instead of Hope Chess.

    Lesson 2 learning objectives

  • Teaches how to find and use the seeds of winning tactics.

     Lesson 3 learning objectives

  • Teaches guidelines for the five moves to get an advantage.
  • Teaches better time management.
  • How to Avoid Your Opponent’s Miracle
  • Teaches how to handle the 6 most common states of chess games.

     Lesson 4 learning objectives

  • Teaches the goal of each move
  • Teaches when to pursue complications in a game.
  • How to Win When You’re Ahead

      Lesson 5 learning objectives

  • Teaches what to trade.
  • Teaches when to make threats.
  • Teaches the concept of tactical dominance.

      Lesson 6 learning objectives

  • Teaches  how to build a good defense.
  • Teaches when to trade pawns.

      Lesson 7 learning objectives

  • Teaches the 8 important strategic decisions to make in a game.
  • Teaches how to beat the grandmaster.

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