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Teaching chess since 1996

September brings four Friday night tournaments and continues with group lessons for our beginners, novices, and intermediate player. The three players with the largest upset victories in September will win a 1-month diamond membership at After three weeks, here is our leaders’ board for the top upsets.

In-person Beginner’s/Novice Class: Sept 24

  • We meet on Sundays from 3:30 - 5:00 PM
  • We have a conference room at Fishers of Men church to use. They are on the corner of  Austin Parkway and Grant’s Lake Blvd in Sugar Land (next door to the post office and across the street from the First Colony library).
  • In week 3, we learned how to use the six most common tactics.

  • Week 4 content
    • Now that the student knows how to make good moves, we will learn how to make winning moves (basic tactics):
      • Desperado
      • Decoy
      • Trapped Pieces
      • Clearance
      • Interference
      • Choking
  • This class is for 3rd graders through adult.
  • The fee will be $20/lesson.
  • You must reply in advance if you want to attend the class.

Our next Intermediate class is:

          Tuesday, September 19

Our club has challenged Bobby Fischer, the 11th World Champion, to some chess matches. Each match has twelve games, and we played six games against him last week by joining games he played at critical positions and deciding what move to make. We’re improving our skills on how to analyze positions.

We meet from 7:30 - 8:30 on Tuesday nights.

Reply to me if you want the link to join our call.


Coaches are available for individual or group coaching or for any of our classes. Visit the Coaches page to get information about coaching, and contact to sign up for a coach or to request a class. Challenge

Our club was challenged to a chess game by the Opening 64 Chess Club from The Netherlands. When it’s our turn, we get to vote on the move that our club wants to make. You must join the Fort Bend Chess Club on to add your vote. Here is the latest position, as of Sep 14. We’re White, and it’s their move.