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Winter, 2018

The novice/intermediate group meets on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:00. You must register in advance to attend. Contact fbcc@fortbendchessclub.com to get details about the meeting location.

Our topic varies week-to-week. We especially emphasize how to enjoy chess and win games. A typical week practices some tactics, reviews an ending, learns a topic, and plays chess games.

The fee is $10/lesson. Register for four lessons in advance. You pay only for the lessons that you attend.

May 6

The May, 2018 Fort Bend Chess Club Tournament was held. Jamiel Adegbite won the beginners' section with a perfect 3-0 score. Danielle Adegbite won the Experienced section with a perfect 2-0 score.

We are not meeting on Mother's Day. Our final meeting of the spring will be May 20.


Coach Chuck Hinkle has been teaching chess since 2004 and has a 1600-1700 USCF rating.

Visit our Lectures page to see the lecture notes and slides on the rules of chess and how to find good moves in an open game.

Contact fbcc@fortbendchessclub.com for more information.

Tournament Results

June 1, 8- 2014 FBCC Fort Bend Championship
Sept 28, 2014 - Hello Fall! Under 1000 Tournament
July, 2015 - Hello Fall! Under 1000 Tournament 2015
Dec, 2015 - FBCC Winter Over 1000 Tournament

chesshouse.com The Fort Bend Chess Club recommends The Chess House (chesshouse.com) for chess equipment. I've gotten boards, books, and clocks from them since the mid 1970s.